What’s in the course?

In this 7 part course, growth & content marketing expert Tom Whatley will walk you through how to create and promote great content to grow your audience and generate more sales.

Each lesson will dive deep into different content marketing strategies and the components required to reach your goals.


Lesson 1: Using data and qualitative insights to understand your audience

Many marketers begin with what they think their audience wants. Even worse, write about their products.

In this lesson, we’ll cover how to find topics for content that your audience are craving for. The kind of content they will happily share and opt-in for.


Lesson 2: Finding underserved and untapped topics

Now you know the pains of your audience. It’s time to find the right topics that help them overcome them.

In this lesson, you’ll identify topics where you can make the most impact. You’ll learn how to wow your audience and overcome content competition.


Lesson 3: Creating & optimizing highly actionable in-depth content

What makes a great piece of content? And what makes some perform better than others?

Here we’ll talk about how to create insane amounts of value with your content. You’ll optimize your existing and know what to do in future.


Lesson 4: Content Distribution Hubs: optimizing your content for amplification

Creating yur content is only half the battle. Getting it seen is another challenge entirely, and one that many marketers get wrong.

In this lesson you’ll learn an effective distribution strategy that will bake the power of amplification, link building and social sharing into the content itself


Lesson 5: Getting the most from your content with diversified formats

You’ve created your content, hit publish, and distributed accordingy. Now what?

Here you’ll learn how to get as much juice from your content as possible by turning it into infographics, videos PLUS getting it syndicated on larger platforms..


Lesson 6: How to send outreach emails that get replies

Email outreach is key when getting attention for your content. The problem is writing emails that get opened.

This lesson will show you a powerful email outreach technique that’s guaranteed to generate responses.


Lesson 7: Content Analytics & Scaling Up

Content marketing is a sprint. At first you’ll likely be hustling on a small scale, but there will come a time to measure results and scale up.

We’ll wrap the course up by teaching you how to scale your efforts using writers and other services, as well as the metrics to keep an eye out for success.


About the teacher:

Tom has been a digital marketing practitioner for over 7 years, helping businesses in all industries to grow using proven, scalable marketing systems. He has written two books, including upcoming “The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing”. He is currently focusing on growth and content marketing, teaching his lessons on his blog along the way.