What’s in the course?

In this 7 part course, growth & content marketing expert Tom Whatley will walk you through how to create and promote great content to grow your audience and generate more sales.

Each lesson will dive deep into different content marketing strategies and the components required to reach your goals.


Lesson 1: Research & Buyer Personas

Many startup founders, business owners and marketers go right in with what they think their audience wants, or worse, write about their products.

In this lesson, we’ll cover how to find topics for content that your audience are craving for. The kind of content they will happily share and opt-in for.


Lesson 2: Creating Kickass Blog Posts

Once you have your topics and you know your audience inside out, it’s time to execute and create your content.

In this lesson we’ll run through the anatomy of a blog post, different frameworks and ideas for your first 5 conversion driven articles.


Lesson 3: Growing Your Audience With Content Upgrades

Driving traffic to your content and generating views is all well and good, but this alone won’t grow your business without a good conversion engine.

Here we’ll run through how to use content upgrades to build your audience & email list while delivering insane amounts of value.


Lesson 4: Content Conversion Engines

Once you’ve got the content in place, you’ll need to get the mechanics in place to generate the conversions needed to grow.

In this lesson you’ll learn about the different ways to build your list and the tools needed to do so.


Lesson 5: The Ultimate Distribution System

Most people spend 80% of their time on content creation and 20% on promotion. As a result, most content marketing efforts fail.

Here you’ll learn how to create an effective distribution system that drives fresh waves of traffic to your content the same day you hit “publish”.


Lesson 6: Influencer Marketing 101

Building an audience from scratch can be hard. Luckily for us, there are leaders out there who already have access to the people you want to reach.

This lesson will show you how to engage with influencers in your market to create mutually-beneficial relationships.


Lesson 7: Content Analytics & Scaling Up

Content marketing is a sprint. At first you’ll likely be hustling on a small scale, but there will come a time to measure results and scale up.

We’ll wrap the course up by teaching you how to scale your efforts using writers and other services, as well as the metrics to keep an eye out for success.


About the teacher:

Tom has been a digital marketing practitioner for over 7 years, helping businesses in all industries to grow using proven, scalable marketing systems. He has written two books, including upcoming “The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing”. He is currently focusing on growth and content marketing, teaching his lessons on his blog along the way.